The Latest on the AP's Jamil Hussein… Er, Gulaim

Dafydd ab Hugh at Michelle Malkin posted more on Jamil Hussein, Gulaim, Ghlaim, Ghdaad… whatever.

Dafydd comes up with three possible cases about Jamil:

What are the possible cases?

* There really is a Police Captain Jamil Hussein — under that name — working at the Khadra police station in Iraq, and he was AP’s source, just as they claimed;

* There is a human working at the Khadra station who was AP’s source, but his name is not Jamil Hussein, and he may or may not be a police captain;

* The AP had no source at all at Khadra, and who cares whether someone named Jamil incidentally works at there?

He discusses each case, it is very good.
It still doesn’t answer if there is an actual source, how truthful were his reports?

The AP is yet to explain how their 6 Torched Sunni story went from “4 torched mosques and several homes with 24 reported dead” to “one burnt doorway and Six torched Sunnis”.


Is they AP ever going to look at the fact that this story may have been fed to them by Sunni extremists? After all, their other source for the 6 Sunni story, who later recanted his testimony, Imad al-Din al-Hashemi, is described as a University professor, foreign pediatrician, and a Hurriya elder depending on the article. AL-Hashemi also incorrectly reported that there were rocket-propelled grenade attacks on four mosques and 14 people died inside the mosque he was praying at.

This story is far from being over.

Today, Curt at Flopping Aces looks back at the original bogus story and details the mess the AP has got itself into with their reporting from Iraq. Curt also maps out the improbability that Jamil was a witness to or credible source to many of the 61 stories he fed the AP.

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