Shocker! MO Sen. McCaskill Is Not an Independent!

Not that this is so surprising… But, considering Democrat Claire McCaskill had the gall to run as an independent and gets a free ride from the media, this news is upsetting.
Via Arena of Ideas:

* Skipped freshman orientation for a vaction in Indonesia (at least thats what I hear) – it was some where exotic.
* Hired a lobbyist as her Chief of Staff.
* Applied for exception to the rule status for unlimited fundraising limits. Who says you cant claim independence and get paid millions by lobbyist?
* Take rides on hubby’s planes – aka “Claire Force One” – while complaining about others taking private planes.
* By my count Claire has voted with Harry Reid 24 out of 26 times.
* Voted against reforming the FEC act of 1971 to indian tribes (this should be noted because the abramhoff scandal was directly tied to indian tribes).
* Voted against prohibiting committee and leadership PACs from employing a spouse or immediate family member of any candidate or Federal office holder connected to a committee (hello Roy temple and company complaining about Congressman Blunt).
* Voted against clear identification of ear marks (thats pork spending folks).
* Voted against protecting free speech by not stripping out section 220 of a senate bill which would have forced preachers, bloggers and anyone who “influenced” more than 500 people to register as lobbyst.
* Voted against protecting small businesses and providing them tax breaks to allow for them to better cope with the minimum wage increase.
* Voted against allowing states flexibility to determine minimum wage.
* Voted against basing the federal minimum wage via applicible state minimum wages.

She did everything she could to squeak out a win in Missouri including propping up an anti-war hoaxer and accusing President Bush of genocide, so this latest news on McCaskill really comes as no big surprise.
…Just your typical democrat.

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