Saudi King Abdullah Threatens Iran

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah says the Iranian government is putting the whole region in danger! (Gulf News)

Saudi King Abdullah blasted Iran today
Via The Khaleej Times

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia told an Iranian envoy this month that Shia power Iran was putting the Gulf region in danger, in a reference to Iran’s conflict with Washington over Iraq and nuclear policy, a newspaper said.

In the interview in Kuwait’s Al Seyassah on Saturday, King Abdullah also issued a veiled warning to Iran to quit what he said were efforts to spread Shi’ism in the Sunni-dominated Arab world.

The United States and its key ally Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of ‘interference’ in Iraq, through backing Shia militias and parties, and suspect Teheran is developing a covert nuclear weapons programme — a charge Iran denies.

‘Saudi leaders and the Saudi state have always known their limits in dealing with nations, east and west. I explained this to Ali Larijani and advised him to pass it on to his government and its followers, with regard to foreign dealings,’ he said.

‘The dangers it (Iranian government) could fall into will fall upon all of us.’

Saudi sources have said Larijani, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, visited Riyadh this month to seek help with Washington and reassure Saudi Arabia over the nuclear programme.

King Abdullah also appeared to accuse Iran of exploiting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for its own ends. ‘The Arabs alone should solve the issue of Palestine … We don’t want anyone to trade in our issues and become stronger through them,’ he said…

King Abdullah also said efforts to spread Shi’ism in the Arab world would fail. Leading Sunni clerics have said in recent months that Iran is promoting Shia belief in Arab countries.

‘We are following this issue and we are aware of the extent of Shia proselytism and how far it has got,’ the king said.

Saudi Arabia is one of nine Arab countries to back the Bush Plan in Iraq.
Iran, Syra, Al Qaeda and the democratic party are against the plan for victory in Iraq.

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