Santa, The Tooth Fairy and Jamil Hussein

You’ve all heard the stories-

– Santa brings you presents on his sleigh
– The Tooth Fairy pays you cash for teeth
– Jamil Hussein watches Sunnis get torched at mosques in Baghdad

Well, it’s time to grow up… Santa and the Tooth Fairy are questionable.
Jamil Hussein is pretend.

It doesn’t look like it will be necessary to fly to Baghdad to bust the AP for their bogus Iraqi reporting.
The AP is getting pounded today for their bogus Iraqi source, Jamil Hussein.

Even Eason Jordan, who once accused U.S. troops of purposely targeting journalists, is actually getting a few licks in!
Eason at his IraqSlogger blog slogged a few few lines at the AP late Monday:

When two governments challenge the veracity of your reporting, when there are reasonable doubts about whether your prime named source for a sensational exclusive story exists, when there’s no proof a reported horrific incident occurred, when the news outlet responsible for the disputed report stonewalls and is stridently defensive, when the validity of dozens of other of your reports has been called into question as a result, then that news organization has a scandal on its hands, and that is where the AP finds itself.

Confederate Yankee performed surgery on the Jamil Hussein AP articles, 40 of them anyway, and was unable to find independent verification by outside news agencies for the Jamil Hussein sourced events.

Winds of Change is thinking this is more than just a flesh wound for the AP.

Flopping Aces sees the bogus news story world crumbling around the AP.

AllahPundit sees the AP stonewalling.

The AP sees itself stonewalling.
And, the AP is doing this despite:

* Witness Capt. Jamil Hussein is not an Iraqi police officer!
* There were not 4 Sunni mosques torched in the attacks in the Hurriya neighborhood but only one mosque was damaged and not destroyed
* Witness Imad al-Din al-Hashemi is described as a University professor, foreign pediatrician, and a Hurriya elder depending on the article
* Witness Imad al-Din al-Hashemi says the mosque he was attending was attacked by “rocket-propelled grenades” yet there is no such damage to the mosque
* No bodies were discovered by Iraqi or Coalition investigators nor were there any pictures as evidence
* The AP later produced anonymous witnesses from the neighborhood
* The Multinational Forces Iraq and Baghdad Police did not find any reports of such an incident occurred after investigating the Hurriya neighborhood
* Multinational Forces Iraq claim that the AP source, Capt. Jamil Hussein, is not who he claims he is. He is not a Baghdad police officer or an MOI employee!
* The imam at the mosque in question where the “6 Sunni torchings” supposedly took place is accused of being a member of Saddam’s secret police by his own congregation!
* Attempts by Sunnis to smuggle arms into this mosque were foiled by Iraqi security forces back in December 2003

As Eason Jordan says (and he ought to know) “The Associated Press has a journalistic scandal on its hands that will fester until the AP deals with it properly.”
It’s time to deal!

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