Put Down the Coffee… Media Reports Bush Plan "May" Work

What’s up with this?

Remember these names… Susan Cornwell and Kristin Roberts. They are two Reuters reporters and they are the first reporters in 3 1/2 years to post an article that actually slants towards the possibility of “winning” in Iraq.

They will most likely be out of work within hours.

And, how did this headline ever get past the editors?


“U.S. may pull troops from Iraq this year if Bush plan works”

That didn’t take long… It appears they replaced “Bush” with “Iraq”:

“Gates sees fewer troops in 2007 if Iraq plan works”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States could start withdrawing forces from Iraq this year if the additional troops being sent to Baghdad reduce violence significantly, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

“If these operations actually work you could begin to see a lightening of the U.S. footprint both in Baghdad and Iraq itself,” Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Defending the President George W. Bush’s plan for the war, Gates cautioned that adding more U.S. forces would not end sectarian violence in Iraq.

But if it lowers the violence “significantly” and the Iraqi government fulfills its promises, “then you could have a situation later this year where you could actually begin withdrawing.”

Still, lawmakers challenged the plan to send an additional 21,000 U.S. soldiers and Marines into the most violent areas of Iraq.

They said it depended far too heavily on the Iraqi government keeping promises it had failed to keep before.

“Look at the track record of the Iraqi government in meeting some of its past benchmarks and promises,” said Sen. Carl Levin (news, bio, voting record), a Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee…

So, it is Friday, but why do you suppose that Yahoo would have that in its headlines so early in the day?

Although, it probably does makes sense that the media slipped this one through. With Iraqis planning on taking over security operations in at least two more southern provinces in the next couple of months and plans on taking control of the entire country’s security operations within the year, it’s about time that they start leaking out a few positive items.

It would be pretty embarassing if we have the country completely turned over to the democratically elected Iraqi government and have the troops heading back stateside in the coming months, and the media is still quoting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s drivel.

Things must be going very well, or maybe the media senses that America does not want to lose this war as badly as the democrats do, just yet.

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