Oops! Syrian Truck Bomber Accidentally Explodes at Iraqi Border

A whole load of bombs coming into Iraq from Syria one minuteā€¦
A grease spot on road the next!

A Truck bomber coming from Syria exploded his load prematurely.
Barutha News reports:

Nearby travellers said today that a truck loaded with a large amount of explosives was detonated Tuesday yesterday morning in the market of Husayba City located on the Iraqi/Syrian border. The American army confirmed this incident in an announcement today and the explosion inflicted damage to nearby buildings and killing the terrorists inside.

It is believed that the explosion happened by mistake, because this area represents one of the main gateways to smuggle car-bombs to Iraq from the Syrian border. The main areas of target for the fundamentalists and Baathists, using car-bombs are public places, such as markets.

Maybe some negotiations would help?

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