"Mini-Disneyland" Nears Completion in Iraq

Fun in the quagmire.

A picture of “Tatilya” back in its Istanbul days.
A “mini-Disneyland” is getting ready to open in Erbil, Iraq:

In what has to be one of the surest signs that a return to normalcy is on the agenda for Northern Iraqis, Kurdish businessman Malashin Barzani, a member of Northern Iraqi leader Mesud Barzani’s clan, has purchased the formerly Istanbul-based amusement park “Tatilya.”

Barzani’s purchase of Tatilya was for 1.1 million dollars, and adds yet one more level of intricacy to the growing infrastructure of the Northern Iraqi region, which now boasts universities, ministry buildings, customs offices, and a parliament. And thus Tatilya, billed for years as being the largest amusement park in Europe under one roof, is now located in Erbil.

This goes along with Bryan Preston’s Point #7 on opening schools and creating stability in Iraq.

Kokonut Pundits points out an Egyptian theme park that needs help.

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