Michelle Malkin: On the Hunt for the Elusive Jamil Hussein

Michelle Malkin discusses her amazing venture to Iraq as an imbed.
Michelle says:

I have decided not to wait on the AP or depend on Eason Jordan for answers and accountability. Bryan and I will be heading out to Iraq very shortly as embeds to advance the story and get first-hand the side of the story the AP refuses to hear–the side of the troops on the ground. (It is an expensive trip. If you’d like to pitch in, we’d greatly appreciate any help. Donation info. below.) You’ll start hearing from us soon. Stay tuned here and at HotAir.com. I’ll also be filing dispatches for the New York Post, which provided us with media accreditation.

I have notified Jordan of our plans and encouraged him to move forward with his trip and his offer to bring Curt of Flopping Aces.

More importantly, I have asked Jordan to extend the travel funds and security coverage he would have spent on me to the AP’s Kathleen Carroll.

Zing! Please help contribute to Michelle and Bryan if you can!

Also… The Jamil Hussein story made The Grapevine yesterday.

In case you missed it… The AP responded yesterday.
This isn’t the first time that Kathleen Carroll made a major journalistic mistake but this one may be more debilitating.

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