Michelle Malkin: Back From Iraq

Thank God! Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston are back from Iraq!

Michelle is the one on the right with the pen and paper.

Of course, we were all wondering what Michelle’s assessment would be from her first hand experience with the troops on the ground in Baghdad.
Well, here is the money quote:

I came to Iraq a darkening pessimist about the war, due in large part to my doubts about the compatability of Islam and Western-style democracy, but also as a result of the steady, sensational diet of “grim milestone” and “daily IED count” media coverage that aids the insurgency.

I left Iraq with unexpected hope and resolve.

Michelle has much more on her trip to Baghdad and Bryan posted their first video at HotAir.

Bryan also offers an assessment of the situation at HotAir.

And, there is more to come!

Also… Bill Ardolino from INDC has some terrific shots from his stay in Iraq.

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