London Transit Bomb Plot Trial Begins

All six Muslim men were born in Africa before migrating to Great Britain. They planned to explode trains two weeks after the London Tube bombings.

The BBC reports that the trial may go on for months:

Six men planned “murderous suicide bombings” on public transport in London on 21 July 2005, a court has heard.

The prosecution has told Woolwich Crown Court of their alleged “extremist Muslim plot” targeting London two weeks after the 7 July bombings killed 52.

Muktar Ibrahim, Manfo Asiedu, Hussein Osman, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Adel Yahya – all originally from Africa – deny conspiracy to murder.

The prosecution insisted that a number of factors proved the defendants had been intent on suicide bombing missions.
These included:

* Several of the defendants were known to be sympathetic towards “acts of extremist Islamic terrorism”

* Police found home-made videos showing beheadings and other atrocities including 9/11 in one of their flats

* One of the defendants had undergone military training in Sudan and Pakistan

* One of the defendants had made a suicide note which was found at a friend’s house

* There was no sign that the bombers had planned what to do after the bombings

* Monday was the first day of what could be a very long trial. The jury has yet to hear from any of the defence lawyers.

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