Leftards Rejoice Over Bush-Abramoff Pic… Next Time Try Google

The Liberal Group CREW is excited that it found a picture of George Bush posing with Jack Abramoff at a campaign fundraiser in December 2003.
That obviously makes them very close associates…

Next time the brainiacs on the Left can save themselves some time and try googling it.

This picture of Bush shaking hands with supporters including Abramoff has been around for a year, anyway…

This photo was taken in May 2001.

There is also this picture floating around on the internet claiming to be of Bush with Abramoff:

But, it looks like Abramoff lost about 6 inches from when this was taken in 2002 to the photo he took with the president posted by CREW in December 2003.
That is not likely.
What these photos prove is absolutely nothing… That Bush shook hands with a guy waiting in line a couple of times. It is unlikely that both the top and bottom pictures are of the same man.
Sorry I had to spell it out to you.

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