Indoctrinated Children Protest Military Recruiters on MLK Day

The Radical Left paraded their children down to Times Square on Martin Luther King Day to protest against military recruiters. The 8th graders lined up and read moving essays about “false promises” of military recruiters and how the “threat of a draft” had been weighing down on them.

Although many of the students are three or four years away from military age, they say the escalating war in Iraq and the possibility of a draft are of great concern.
(NewYork Photo/ Justin Rocket Silverman)

Enlightened (indoctrinated) 8th Graders took to the streets of Manhattan on Monday to protest military recruiters at Times Square
Newsday reports:

Eighth-graders, dressed in combat fatigues, marched from their school on East 96th Street to the military recruitment center in Times Square. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day march is an annual tradition at the small private school.

“We are taking MLK’s stance against the Vietnam War and using it as a symbol for what is going on today,” said 14-year-old Brandon George.

Military recruiters have come under fire for aggressive high-school enlistment tactics.

Students in military hats read from essays they wrote about the problems with recruiters in schools.
(NewYork Photo/ Justin Rocket Silverman)

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