"Eau de Hezbollah" Hits Fragrance Counters in Lebanon

Israellycool reports that something stinks on the streets of Beirut…
And, it’s not just the portapotties at the tent city!

Now you can smell all fresh and musky when you shout… “Death to America! Death to Israel”

The one dollar “Resistance Perfume” comes complete with your favorite Nasrallah rant right inside the box!
YNET reports:

A new perfume carrying the “scent of resistance” and celebrating Hizbullah’s “divine victory” has been released on the market in Lebanon, according to a report which appeared in the Lebanese Daily Star last week.

“If you’ve ever wondered what resistance smells like, then try a dab of ‘Resistance Perfume,’ which comes ‘exclusively’ with a political message and a picture of Hizbullah’s secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,” the Daily Star article said.

“Apparently, the scent of resistance is a strong and musky one that comes with a single pledge – ‘a truthful’ one,” the report added.

A slogan on the perfume box, quoting Nasrallah during a wartime speech made over the summer reads: “You are the truthful promise … and I have great faith in you and I promise you divine victory.”

The Daily Star adds:


A digitally manipulated picture of a sinking ship, meant to represent the Israeli warship damaged by a Hizbullah missile during the conflict, along with reprints of Nasrallah’s speeches and messages from the “Lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons” – are all part of the perfume’s package, turning a cover into a political message.

The $1 perfume is being marketed as a unisex product.

Hat Tip Larwyn

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