Chocolate City Tops Iraq in 2006 Violent Death Rates!

** New Orleans had a much higher violent death rate in 2006 than Iraq did! **

The New Orleans murder rate in holding steady.
It has been for several months. But, this is not a good thing…
It is currently 8-10 times the national average!

WAFB is reporting that if the murder rate in New Orleans-The Big Easy-Chocolate City remains at the current level, the city would have a 12-month murder rate about eight to 12 times the national average!

The worst is that, if it continues steady for six months more, the city would have a 12-month murder rate about eight to 12 times the national average for cities its size, rather than this year’s multiple of seven to 10.

Three New Year’s Eve killings brought the city’s murder total to 161 for 2006. Depending on which population estimate is used, that works out to a rate of 60 to 81 killings per 100,000 residents.

But two-thirds of the murders were in the last half of the year. The state’s most recent door-to-door survey estimated the population at 200,000 down from a pre-storm figure of about 455,000.

Using that estimate, the 2006 murder rate is 81 per 100,000 residents.

If the figures remain steady, Peter Scharf, executive director of the Center for Society, Law and Justice at the University of New Orleans notes, that would mean a June-to-June rate of 105 killings per 100,000 residents.

War zone?… It looks like it’s time for Mayor Nagin to call back the National Guard.

Meanwhile in Iraq…
The AP released a report this week by government officials that said that there were:

16,273 violent deaths in Iraq in 2006 — 14,298 of them civilians, 1,348 police and 627 soldiers were killed in the violence that raged in the country.

In a country of 26,783,000 that comes out to a 2006 violent death rate of 61 per 100,000 residents. If you figure just civilian death in Iraq in 2006 you get a violent death rate of 53 per 100,000.

New Orleans had a much higher death rate in 2006 than in Iraq!
It might be time for a Big Easy Study Group.

The Huffington Post says don’t blame “New Orleans” for “repeating mistakes.”

And… Democrats are talking about the “ethnic cleansing” going on in New Orleans! Of course, this is not just outrageous but dead wrong!

** HotAir has video of Frank’s outrageous genocide comments.

Gay Patriot has more on “Ethnic Cleansing.”

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