Before Hanging Him to Dry, Hillary Meets With Al-Maliki

More Iraqi hanging news…
Hillary is all smiles as she meets with Iraqi President Al Maliki today.

…Before she announced that she’d hang him out to dry. (Reuters)

Some have argued in the past that that Hillary is a hawk. But, she just looks like your average cut & run democrat today.

Before stabbing him and his country in the back by proposing a withdrawal of US troops, Hillary met with Iraqi President Al-Maliki for a few laughs earlier today.

New York senator Hillary Clinton(L) meets Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki(R) in Baghdad. Clinton said during a visit to Iraq that she doubted the United States or Iraqi government can pacify the country.(AFP/POOL/Ali al-Saadi)

Hillary Clinton traveled all the way to Iraq to announce that the US troops should exit:

“I don’t know that the American people or the Congress at this point believe this mission can work,” she told ABC News in Baghdad. “And in the absence of a commitment that is backed up by actions from the Iraqi government, why should we believe it?”

Noting she had to travel wearing body armor and surrounded by soldiers and security guards, Clinton called the situation in Iraq “heartbreaking.”

“This is my third trip here. I’ve seen the violence and security problems increase, not decrease,” she said, calling on Bush to start withdrawing U.S. troops.

“That would really demonstrate to the Iraqis that we don’t have an open-ended commitment,” she said. “We are not going to be here providing protection for their leaders, which we do. We are not going to be here standing by and trying to be called in from time to time as they see fit. That is not in the cards.”

It would be interesting to see if she waited until after she left the room before she told him that she did not want to protect him!

There were no pictures released on this visit of Hillary with soldiers flashing the “coercion sign”.

Update: Hillary is now in Lahore where she is expected to participate in a marathon(?) tomorrow???

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