Aljazeera Anchors Mourn For Saddam

It just doesn’t matter that he murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis!

Aljazeera nailed this ad
After CNN started broadcasting (and still broadcasts) American soldier snuff films…

…This ad made complete sense.

But, now Aljazeera one-upped CNN…
Aljazeera, like several others, mourned the death of Saddam Hussein this weekend. As a sign of mourning its anchors came to work wearing black.
The Boston Herald reported today that there were Arab stations who ‘rushed to their cupboards” to pull out their black clothes:


State-run Al-Iraqiya may have referred to the controversy over Al-Sharqiya’s coverage, when it criticized reporting on Saddam’s death by rival Iraqi and regional Arab television stations.

“The execution of Saddam unveiled the many masks of those who don’t like to see a strong, civilized and developed Iraq,” an Al-Iraqiya newscaster said Monday. “The male and female news readers of some Arab and Iraqi satellite channels rushed to their cupboards to wear their black clothes, announcing their sorrow about the joy of Iraqis.”

Newscasters on the influential Al-Jazeera satellite channel also wore black in the aftermath of Saddam’s hanging.

Al-Sharqiya news station, owned by a former chief of radio and television for Saddam, was banned from Iraq this week. The station had “made up” news (sounds familiar, huh?) about the kidnapping of three Sunni school girls and its newscaster was wearing black clothes while reporting on the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

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