56% of Americans Favor Funding Abortion For Research!!

That’s you, America!
You favor abortion for research!

You favor your tax dollars being spent on those thousands and thousands of abortions used for research!!

Says the Associated Press anyway:


Poll shows support for Democrats’ goals

Some 56 percent of adults support easing restrictions on using federal money to pay for research on embryonic stem cells. Supporters say such research could lead to treatments for everything from Parkinson’s disease to spinal cord injuries. Bush and other opponents say the embryos from which the cells are extracted are human lives that should not be destroyed in the name of science.

Bush kept a promise in 2001 when he limited federally funded research to lines of embryonic stem cells that had been created by that time. Last summer, he used the first veto of his presidency to reject a bill that would have directed more federal dollars toward embryonic stem cell research.

Democrats have pledged to reverse that outcome, setting up a possible veto showdown with the president.

Here is that AP-IPSOS poll that was conducted on the Democrats first 100 hours.

In the first 100 hours of democratic control of Congress the new majority party is planning on passing legislation on this controversial research that includes aborting embryos and cloning!

And, because you favor this (say democrats and the AP), you will pay for this.

Just a sidenote: Although, adult stem cell research is producing results, the number of medical benefits to date for embryonic stem cell research continues to be zero.
The Anchoress has much more.

Another sidenote: This is the first article that I have seen in days that admits that democrats are talking about “embryonic” and not “adult” stem cell research in their 100 hour plan!

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