11 Iraqis With Fake Papers Held in Mexico

Wasn’t it just yesterday that ABC reported that al Qaeda in Iraq considered slipping terrorists into the United States to pull off another attack similar in scale to 9-11?

Mexico arrested 11 Iraqis yesterday heading into California with fake papers.
The AP reported this today:

Eleven Iraqis carrying false passports and heading to California were arrested at Monterrey’s airport, immigration officials said Monday.

Nine men, a woman and a two-year-old girl traveled from Madrid, Spain, to Monterrey, where they were detained Saturday, an immigration official said on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the arrests.

None of the Iraqi citizens appear on terrorist watch lists and they told authorities they were Chaldean Christians trying to get to California were they would request asylum, the official said.

They are being held at an immigration detention center in Mexico City pending charges for using false documents.

It’s not the first time Iraqis were caught illegally trying to cross the US southern border!


* In March 2005, Four Iraqis were detained at an airport in the border city of Mexicali for allegedly carrying false passports, and two more were caught at a highway checkpoint.
* In June 2005, two Iraqi brothers were stopped by Mexican agents as they tried to cross illegally into the United States near Tecate.
* In December 2006, Banderas News reported that Baja California agents and Mexican federal immigration officers found a group of four Iraqis Friday night at a Tijuana hotel. In addition, two groups of about two or three Iraqis turned themselves in earlier this week.

In each case they claimed to be Chaldean Christians.
(For the record, I don’t have a problem with anyone coming here legally, Christian or not.)

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