Riots in Denmark! 300 Arrested After Clashes With Police

300 youths were arrested after violence broke out at protest in Copenhagen last night.

Demonstrators throw rocks at police in downtown, Copenhagen, Denmark, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2006. (Yahoo)

Rocks and fireworks were thrown at police during the clashes that broke out near a youth center:

Danish authorities have released 186 protesters who were detained after a protest against the closure of a youth centre in Copehgagen turned violent.

Around 1,000 people protested on Sunday against court rulings ordering young squatters to leave a city centre building and hand it over to a Christian congregation that bought it five years ago.

Flemming Steen Munch, a Copenhagen police spokesman, said: “They are all Danish citizens.”

Cobblestones and fireworks were thrown at police and at least one demonstrator suffered respiratory problems from the tear gas. Two people, a police officer and a demonstrator, were seriously injured.

People tidy up a street after riots broke out on the previous night between young protesters and police in Copenhagen, December 17, 2006. (Reuters)

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