Question: Why Are They Showing Snuff Films at a Mosque?

Is there a reason why anyone would be showing an American soldier snuff film at the Yusufiya Mosque in Iraq?

-Is this a standard practice at the Yusufiya mosque?… or any mosque?
-Is there any possible explanation for this?
-Was this during the weekly service?

Wouldn’t you find it a bit odd if they were to start showing snuff films after a Sunday Catholic Mass?

A marine in December 2004 patrols the streets of Yusufiya, the scene of heavy fighting. (New York Times)


The New York Times slipped this strange mosque practice in their story today about the capture of the terrorist mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Privates Kristian Menchaca of Houston and Thomas Tucker of Oregon in June 20006.

The raid was triggered by a tip the Americans received about a video that had been shown at the Yusufiya mosque, Iraqi and American military officials said. On the recording, a man is seen commenting on the kidnapping. It is this man, military officials said, who was taken into custody.

He is also believed to have directed and participated in other kidnappings, murders and violent crimes, the military said in a statement.

Although the military’s statement said that Iraqi Special Forces led the operation, an Iraqi military official indicated that the man was in American custody and that United States forces directed the assault.

So why would they be showing snuff films in a mosque?…
Is there are Muslim out there who would please explain this?

(Why are they still showing snuff films on CNN for that matter?… Would CNN please explain this?)

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