Polonium-210 -For That Special Someone on Your Christmas List

Having a hard time deciding what to get that special person on your gift list?

Now, you can go online and buy Polonium-210 for that person who has everything (but nukes) this holiday season!

Really!…No joke!

You can go to United Nuclear – Nuclear Isotopes today and order your own dose of polonium 210 online… the same nuclear material that killed a former Russian spy in London last week.

Nukes for sale… Online!

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Gribbit was kind enough to send this shocking nuke news earlier today by FOX News analyst George Kindel:

“I Bought Nuke Poison, And You Can Too!”

It’s the weekend, so what better to do than go online and buy the same radioactive material that killed a former Russian spy and has governments from Washington to Moscow wondering whether the Cold War really ever ended.

All it took was a simple Google search — “buy polonium 210 online” – and there, right at the top of my results, was a link to United Nuclear, a nifty little mail-order company in Sandia Park, NM, which I guess makes this desert crossroads the Mail-Order Nukes Capital of the World .

Sandia Park, it should be noted, is a skip from Sandia National Laboratories, home of America’s nuclear weapons research, so it’s reasonable to assume United Nuclear is selling top quality nuke, right?

…Polonium-210? $69 (plus, $11.95 shipping and handling).

Hey, I can even buy a Polonium-210 coffee mug for 10 bucks!

to be fair, United Nuclear’s owner, physicist Bob Lazar, goes to great lengths on the site to explain why the amounts of Polonium-210 — and other radioactive materials — are not hazardous.

“The amount of Polonium-210, as well as any of the isotopes we sell, is an ‘exempt quantity’ amount,” Lazar’s Web site says. “These quantities of radioactive material are not hazardous – this is why they are permitted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to be sold to the general public without any sort of license.”

Lazar’s site goes on to say that “all isotopes are made to order at an NRC licensed reactor in Oak Ridge, Tenn.,” and that once the isotope is made, “it is shipped directly to the customer from the reactor to ensure the longest possible half-life.”

From reactor to my home… I couldn’t ask for better service.

Looking further in the online nuke website I found that if you can’t decide on whether to buy 1uCi of Manganess 54 with a half-life of 312 days or 10uCi of Cesium137 with a half-life or 30.1 years, you can purchase a gift certificate and let that special friend or family member choose nuke material for themselves!
How convenient!

What will they think of next?

And, don’t worry, you can ship the products anywhere in the US and there are also features that will even allow you to ship overseas.

And, even Russia is in on this game…
From the New York Times:

Russia’s top nuclear official said it exports 8 grams of polonium 210 a month, or 96 grams a year, to the United States. That is 3.4 ounces, which seems like a trifle but in theory is enough for thousands of lethal doses. He also said Russia had made no exports to Britain in the past five years.

BTW- The StrataSphere is all over the Litvinenko story.
HotAir has an exceptional roundup.

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