Kianoosh Sanjari Released From Evin Prison

Noted Iranian activist Kiaoosh Sanjari was re-arrested in early October with supporters of the senior Shi’ite Muslim cleric, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, who was challenging Iran’s system of clerical rule. It was not the first time the young Sanjari was arrested by the mullahs.

Kianoosh, who is only 23, has spent much of the last 8 years inside Iranian prisons.

In November Iran Press News was reported that Sanjari was under extreme abuse inside Evin Prison:

Sanjari has been under daily tortured and interrogation; during his Monday, November 6th visit from his mother, Sanjari had been put under visible pressure not to discuss anything with her. The source also added that [the torturers] have every intention of taking his life…

…The anonymous source added: “Everyday under the fist and boot of the interrogators, Kianoosh’s cries silences the entire ward.”

But, the authorities released the young Kianoosh Sanjari this week after 80 days confinement, Iran Press News reported:


Sanjari who was re-arrested on October 7th during the unrest around the house of Ayatollah Kazemeini-Boroujerdi had gone to produce a report; he was then detained with hundreds of others and confined in the infamous ward 209 of Evin prison. The 23-year-old, who was first arrested at age 15, has been re-arrested many times for various illegal reasons and held for periods of time under severe torture.

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