John Bolton Resigns From UN Post

More… good news for Iran, Syria, Cubazuela, Sudan, Hezbollah, Libya, etc.

Patriot John Bolton resigned from his post as UN Ambassador today.
The AP reports:

Unable to win Senate confirmation, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton will step down when his recess appointment expires soon, the White House said Monday.

Bolton’s nomination has languished in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for more than a year, blocked by Democrats and several Republicans. Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a moderate Republican who lost in the midterm elections Nov. 7 that swept Democrats to power in both houses of Congress, was adamantly opposed to Bolton.

HotAir has video and more detail on today’s announcement.
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Atlas, a friend of John Bolton’s, says “We’re screwed!”
Joshua Stanton recalls his meeting with Ambassador Bolton.

Here’s my own personal favorite John Bolton exchange:
July 27, 2006

Ambassador John Bolton totally outclassed Senator John F. Kerry in the Senate hearings in July.
** DANEgerus has the Video HERE

John Kerry was really no match for UN Ambassador John Bolton:
Senator John Kerry showed up at the very last minute at a hearing and it turned into a barbed exchange between the Bush Administration’s attempt to engage North Korea in 6 party talks:

John Kerry: This has been going on for five years, Mr. Ambassador.

John Bolton: It’s the nature of multilateral negotiations, Senator.

John Kerry: Why not engage in a bilateral one and get the job done? That’s what the Clinton Administration did.

John Bolton: And, very poorly since the North Koreans violated the agreed framework almost from the time it was signed.

Ouch!… It’s pretty painful to watch.

More from the White House:

I am deeply disappointed that a handful of United States Senators prevented Ambassador Bolton from receiving the up or down vote he deserved in the Senate. They chose to obstruct his confirmation, even though he enjoys majority support in the Senate, and even though their tactics will disrupt our diplomatic work at a sensitive and important time. This stubborn obstructionism ill serves our country, and discourages men and women of talent from serving their Nation.

I thank John Bolton for the dedication and skill with which he performed his duties, and his wife Gretchen and daughter Jennifer Sarah for their support as Ambassador Bolton served his country. All Americans owe John Bolton their gratitude for a job well done.

You will be sorely missed Ambassador Bolton!
Good job!

Good luck, Darfur.

Update: Ambassador Santorum?

Update 2: Kofi Annan yesterday on Darfur:

“It is deeply, deeply disappointing and it’s tragic,” said Mr Annan. “But we do not have the resources or the will to confront the situation.”
He pledged to work towards a solution in Darfur (talks), which Sudan’s government has refused to allow UN peacekeepers to enter.

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