Jimmy Carter Assures Jews There Is No "Apartheid" Inside Israel

Jimmy Digs- Hole Deep.

Jimmy explains (note: not an apology) that by “apartheid” he is not talking about apartheid inside of Israel but apartheid inside of the Palestinian Territories…
As if this makes it any less offensive.

To settle matters with American Jews concerning the anti-Semitic remarks in his latest controversial book- PALESTINE PEACE NOT APARTHEID. Jimmy quotes world leftists, throws in his Christian upbringing, and explains that by aparthied he was not talking about aparthied inside of Israel.

From the Carter Center:
A letter to Jewish citizens of America

I emphasized, as I had throughout the tour, that the book was about conditions and events in the Palestinian territories and not in Israel, where a democracy exists with all the freedoms we enjoy in our country and Israeli Jews and Arabs are legally guaranteed the same rights as citizens.

We discussed the word “apartheid,” which I defined as the forced segregation of two peoples living in the same land, with one of them dominating and persecuting the other. I made clear in the book’s text and in my response to the rabbis that the system of apartheid in Palestine is not based on racism but the desire of a minority of Israelis for Palestinian land and the resulting suppression of protests that involve violence. Bishop Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and prominent Israelis, including former attorney general Ben Yair, who served under both Labor and Likud prime ministers, have used and explained the appellation in harsher terms than I, pointing out that this cruel oppression is contrary to the tenets of the Jewish faith and the basic principles of the nation of Israel…

I made it clear that I have never claimed that American Jews control the news media, but reiterated that the overwhelming bias for Israel comes from among Christians like me who have been taught since childhood to honor and protect God’s chosen people from among whom came our own savior, Jesus Christ. An additional factor, especially in the political arena, is the powerful influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is exercising its legitimate goal of explaining the current policies of Israel’s government and arousing maximum support in our country. There are no significant countervailing voices.

You’ve got to love that. Jimmy says he never said Jews control the media, just that the AIPAC controls the message in the media.

Jimmy may have offered a weak apology-non-apology to the Jews but still needs to apologize to Dennis Ross for his magic map flap.

Atlas has an idea for Jimmy’s letter: Return to Sender.

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