Jihad Declared! Islamists Arrive by Ship to Somalia!

The Radical Islamists who are fighting government forces in Somalia are calling all Muslims for help with their jihad.

And… it looks like it’s working. There are reports that foreign fighters are already arriving to help extinguish the infidels:

In Kismayo, a strategic seaport captured from the government by Islamic militia in September, residents saw several foreign Arab fighters disembarking from ships this week.

The UN is calling for peace talks.

Somali Islamist fighters in Mogadishu’s Tarbuunka square, November 28, 2006. Ethiopian tanks rolled to the battlefront on Friday as Somali Islamists and Somalia’s pro-government troops pounded each other with artillery and rockets in a fourth day of clashes. (REUTERS/Shabelle Media)

The BBC is reporting that the Somalian Islamists are calling for help:

The Islamist militia that controls much of southern Somalia has said the world must help it combat Ethiopia, which it has accused of invading the country.
Islamist leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said the international community must help it fight what he described as Ethiopian interference.

The Islamists’ defence chief meanwhile urged Muslims worldwide to join a “holy war” against Ethiopia.

Ethiopia denies its forces have taken part in recent heavy fighting.

Ethiopia said the Islamists’ call for foreign volunteers proved the group had links to extremists.

A map of Somalia locating the latest fighting. Ethiopia moved tanks and other reinforcements into the battle zone for a third day of fighting against Islamist forces in southern Somalia, witnesses said, while the Islamists vowed an all-out war.(AFP Graphic)

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