Busted!! Somalian Islamists & Their Bogus Chopper Shots!

Sorry, boys, that downed chopper on your Somalian website already crashed…
back in 2004!

Ethiopian Review, an excellent Ethiopian News website, reported earlier that the Somali Islamic Courts Union (ICE) claimed that they had shot down a Woyanne military helicopter today via Somalinet.

But, as Catholicgause pointed out after this was posted on a previous post here, the image is from Iraq, not Somalia!

The image was taken in Iraq of a downed Apache helicopter dated from February, 2004.


Doing a simple google search on “helicopter down” you get this as one of the first images listed.
It has a February 2004 and is of a downed US helicopter in Iraq.

And, get this… The Ethiopian bloggers at Ethiopian Review also have the story already picked apart!

Here are a couple of comments on the Somalian Fauxtagraph Fraud:
By Userhaq

ICU could post pictures of downed american made helicopter (may be downed in iraq). However, Ethiopian air force does not have american made helicopter/jets. This shows how the icu and their desperate collaborators trying to cover up their decisive defeat in the hands of the galant Ethiopian forces. ICU and its rif-rafs will be history as quick as you could not imagine to believe.

A Guest blogger noted:

The helicopter above is an American Boeing AH-64D Longbow, one of the most advanced attack helicopters in the world. There is no way Ethiopia owns such an advanced weapon of war. This is pure jihadist propaganda. The jihadists are clearly being defeated on the field of battle and so are now resorting to such cheap propaganda tactics to create the illusion that they are not.

Eye on Ethiopia also caught the bogus downed chopper picture!

Jihad Declared! Islamists Arrive by Ship to Somalia!
Ethiopia Declares War on Somalia!

Update: From the sound of things, the Islamists are not making out as well as you would think from their propaganda.

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