Blogger Buzz- Gateway Pundit's Archives Are Back!

Well, I had to wait 24 hours (when google said it would only take a couple of minutes) for blogger to put Gateway Pundit into some kind of new-fangled format, But… I did get my archives back. Many of you noticed they were missing for a couple of months. Well, they are back!

I also want to point out a great new feature with the new blogger format.

If you type in a topic in the search line above- maybe you remembered reading something here at Gateway Pundit… Now you will not only get a list of the articles written on the topic but you will get the whole article right there for you to read through!

The publishing also looks like it will be easier and with more options.

I’m a very pleased with it. If you are looking to start your own blog, I would recommend it.
It’s clean, easy and it’s free!

How about that?!!
Time to blog on!

Update: Another outstanding feature- With the new blogger format you are able to change the title on a post without busting the link to that post. I am sure that Glenn Reynolds the Instapundit will like this new feature since he’s expressed his displeasure in the past to this blogger for busting an Insta-link or two!

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