AP Back On That Bogus News Source Saddle(?)

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** Update: Centcom responds and is looking into this latest “questionable” source used by the Associated Press in their report yesterday on the car bombings at the Iraqi market. This AP writer reported that Lt. Ali Muhsin reported that 91 were killed in the blasts. Later reports put the total somewhere around 50.

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We have requested our contact in the Coalition Police Assistance Training Team to get back to us. The length of time this takes seems to vary from week to week. I know the MOI is moving locations this week so I am not optimistic.

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This list of questionable media sources from Iraq was released earlier in the week by the Multi National Force Iraq as reported by Michelle Malkin and Flopping Aces. Here is that list:

Finally, notice no mention from AP of the long list of problematic Iraqi Police/Ministry of Interior spokesmen quoted by the AP and others that the military says it cannot verify as legitimate employees of the IP/MOI published at Flopping Aces:

* police Lt. Ali Abbas
* police Capt. Mohammed Abdel-Ghani.
* Police Brigadier Sarhat Abdul-Qadir
* Mosul police Director Gen. Wathiq al-Hamdani
* police Lt. Bilal Ali
* Ali al-Obaidi, a medic at Ramadi Hospital, police Maj. Firas Gaiti said.
* Police Captain Mohammed Ismail
* Brig. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, the Interior Ministry spokesman (a.k.a. Police Brigadier Abd al-Karim Khalaf, Brig. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf, Brig. Abdel-Karim Khalaf)
* Mohammed Khayon, a Baghdad police lieutenant
* police spokesman Mohammed Kheyoun. (a.k.a. Police Lieutenant Mohammed Khayoun)
* Lt. Thaer Mahmoud, head of a police section responsible for releasing daily death tolls
* police Lt. Bilal Ali Majid said
* police Lt. Ali Muhsin.
* police 1st. Lt. Mutaz Salahhidine. (a.k.a. Lieutenant Mutaz Salaheddin)
* Col. Abbas Mohammed Salman policeman Haider Satar

An Iraqi man injured in an explosion is treated at a hospital in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006. A triple car bombing struck a food market in a predominantly Shiite area in central Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 51 people a day after a U.S.-Iraqi raid against Sunni insurgents in a nearby neighborhood. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

Now… In the news today from Iraq AP writer QAIS AL-BASHIR writes this:

91 Dead in Triple Car Bombings

(AP) Three parked car bombs exploded in central Baghdad on Saturday near a predominantly Shiite area packed with vendors, killing at least 91 people and wounding dozens, officials said.

The bombs were about 100 yards apart and exploded nearly simultaneously at about 4:30 p.m., said police Lt. Ali Muhsin and hospital officials.

Most of the victims were in the busy al-Sadriyah shopping district in central Baghdad, Muhsin said. At least 10 other parked vehicles were destroyed in an area where street vendors sell fruit, vegetables and other items such as soap.

Muhsin and hospital officials said 91 people were killed and 43 were wounded, raising the death toll from 38 after many of the victims died of their wounds.

Yep… You got that right!
It is another AP article quoting from a questionable news source- Lt. Ali Muhsin.
Hat Tip reader TechTweaker

I have an email off to a Centcom contact. I am hoping to get something back on whether the MNF-Iraq have taken Lt. Muhsin off their questionable list. This will determine whether the AP is going to continue to report propaganda or news.

** I will post something as soon as I hear anything.

The AP said in response to the embarrassing find this past week that their Six Sunni story was bogus that they were satisfied with their reporting and would continue to report the news/terror propaganda as they d*mn well please. Thank you.
It looks like they weren’t kidding.

Curt at Flopping Aces says that it is getting worse.

AP Is Busted! Uses BOGUS Source For Months in Iraqi Fables!
Lt. Maithem Abdul Razzaq- The Other Bogus AP Source
Sorry AP… Your Torched Sunni Report Is Still Very Bogus!
AP Is Outraged! Promises to Keep Using Hoaxers for Reports!
Iraqi Death Rates & Bogus AP Sources: Correlation or Coincidence?
Iraqi Ministry Will Take Legal Action Against Bogus Journalists
Where Is the AP’s Proof They Keep Talking About?

Update: Jules Crittenden has this to say about this whole AP fruckas at the Boston Herald:

The AP, of course, has been delivering unbalanced reports about U.S. national politics for some time, as when President Bush, whom AP reporters despise, is barely allowed to state his case on an issue before his critics are given twice as much space to pummel him. The AP, once a just-the-facts news delivery service, has lost its rudder. It has become a partisan, anti-American news agency that seeks to undercut a wartime president and American soldiers in the field. It is providing fraudulent, shoddy goods. It doesn’t even recognize it has a problem.

There’s more. It is very good.

Charles Johnson has more on a recent Media Bias Study.

Update 2: Flopping Aces asks “Who is Qais al-Bashir?”

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