3 1/2 Hours Vs. 3 1/2 Years

Well, after:

* The fall of Saddam’s tyranny
* The liberation of Iraqis from Saddam’s evil and genocide
* The death of his two evil sons
* The capture of the Butcher of Baghdad from a spiderhole in the ground
* Numerous democratic elections
* The forming of a democratic government
* The trial of Saddam Hussein
* The death sentence of Saddam Hussein
* The handing over of decision-making to the Iraqi government
* Several milestones in security operations
* The death of thousands of terrorists
* Three of 18 provinces taking over responsibility of security operations
* The rebuilding of infrastructure
* The economic boom in Iraq
* The prosecution of the UN Oil for Food Scandal
* The lawsuits against Oil for Food firms for their pilfering from the Iraqi people…

(Not to mention the liberation of Afghanistan!)


The US has now lost more soldiers in Iraq in three and a half years than in three hours on September 11, 2001.

MacsMind and Charles Johnson have more on this media milestone.

This is disgusting… The liberal media is even regurgitating old negative news stories to bash Bush!

Barcepundit has more from Spain.

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