What Republicans Must Learn From Kazakhstan

If Minority Leader John Boehner read the blogs
…Today would be an excellent day for the Minority Leader to read the blogs.

Minority Leader Boehner and Republicans could learn a great lesson from Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan was having a hard time getting its message out to the masses. Sacha Baron Cohen successfully painted a picture of the Central Asian country into the minds of the American public. It was impossible for this developing country to create an image different than the mostly negative one Borat and the mainstream media created.

So, what did Kazakhstan do?
The Registan explains that Kazakhstan put together a video and posted it on YouTube. The video explains the tremendous economic growth that Kazakhstan is experiencing along with wonderful shots taken from this central Asian country. Kazakhstan went to the internet!
Kazakhstan got creative.

If Republicans want to become the majority party again in America, they need to learn from Kazakhstan!

The Republican message has flatlined. The good economic news did not get out this year. The news of progress in Iraq did not get out. Even though the Allied Forces in Iraq have never lost a major battle, the news of the successful military campaigns in Iraq did not get out… ever! The news on a number of issues did not get out. The message was dead. It did not get out.
But, plenty of negative news did!… And, today we find out that plenty of that negative news is BOGUS!

Today there is news that the Associated Press has been publishing bogus stories from bogus sources for months!

What will Republicans do? Ignore this astonishing news?
This is news that every person in this country deserves to know! The American public has been fed lies from Iraq for months. Americans have been fed terrorist propaganda. Are Republicans going to roll over and wet on themselves or SAY SOMETHING?
(Are there any honest democrats who are outraged about this?)

Kazakhstan went to the internet. What will Republicans do?…
…Keep relying on the mainstream media?

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