Veterans Day 2006

Please remember those who have served our country and those brave men and women who are currently sacrificing for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Here are a couple shots of the harsh conditions in Iraq:

The Strong, Dry Desert Wind Blows Huge Clouds of Sand Creating a Hovering Sandstorm Which Changes the Color of the Entire Area, Including the Sky, Into Surreal Orange Hues, May 5, 2005, Tallil Air Base, Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah – Republic of Iraq

No Human Power Can Stop the Dry Desert Winds From Blowing In This Very Powerful, Relentless, Nightfall or Evening Windstorm That’s Bringing Huge Clouds of Sand – a Massive Sandstorm – Rolling Over and Engulfing the Tents, April 27, 2005 Al Asad, Al Anbar Province, Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah – Republic of Iraq

And… Google has video of a massive Iraqi sandstorm rolling into the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq HERE.
Thanks to a reader for these pictures.

Babalu has a wonderful read for Veterans Day.

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