Those Six Showboating Imams

A Muslim friend writes in about those 6 praying imams removed from the US Airways flight in Minneapolis:

Greetings Jim,

As a person raised a Muslim and practicing Islam. I was taught that if a Muslim’s time of prayer comes and needs to pray. But is in a confined space or in a situation which would attract negative attention. That a Muslim could pray sitting in chair etc…and use nodding or bowing to symbolize the Rukaahs and Sejdas needed for prayers. The prophet Mohamed has advised Muslims to not attract negative attention and not to act in a way perceived negatively by our surroundings. In airports in many Muslim countries there are special rooms for praying so as not to be praying in a waiting area.

These Imams must have known what their praying in a waiting area in an airport (if it is in fact what they did) filled with people would do. Muslims should not be inviting or seeking trouble.

I am saddened to see how far some Muslims have strayed from Islam.

This looks more and more like a set up.

Six Imams Detained at Minneapolis Airport

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