This Time the Democratic Chicago Platform Wins

In 1864, America rejected the Chicago Platform and although there were hundreds of thousands of dead patriots they fought on to preserve the Union.

In 2006, after 5 years of war and 3,000 deaths- as many as were lost one morning in September 5 years ago,… America concedes.

This cartoon was dedicated to the democratic Chicago platform during the election of 1864.

Democrats may not have changed a lick in 142 years.


America has.

Update: A look at who else won.

Here’s a more positive outlook

Whether one believes that Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot, their more extremist leadership re-educating marginal voters about the fire from the frying pan they’ve jumped America into, or Democrats acquire a new level of responsibility the country needs from Democrats that hasn’t been seen in decades, the result of the next two years will be good for Republicans and Americans, generally, who yearn for a more strongly unified country than a more partisanly divided one.

Kesher Talk has the amazing reaction from the United Nations.

RedState argues last night was ’92 and not ’94. Regardless, it was a thumpin!

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