Students Clash With Regime Thugs in Tehran

Winston and Azarmehr are reporting that Tehrani university students are clashing with thugs from the Iranian regime.

Abbas Hakimzadeh, Ali Azizi and Majid Tavakoli, staged a sit in at the university entrance after they were kicked off campus for their reporting on the regime.

Azarmehr reported:

Three students from Amir Kabir university, Abbas Hakimzadeh, Ali Azizi and Majid Tavakoli, staged a sit in at the university entrance today. They were protesting at the decision to ban them from continuing their education. The three are involved with student publications which have been critical of the university management and President Ahmadi-Nejad’s government. Their criticisms have resulted in the decision to ban them from studying at the university.

The campus security threatened to forcefully remove the three students and this resulted in a spontaneous human chain by other students to protect the three. Campus marshals tried to break up the gathering by physically attacking the 200 students who had formed the human chain. One injured student was taken to hospital.

Azarmehr has more. Gooya has more pictures.


NCR-Iran says that the regime is planning on more expulsions because of the increasing unrest among students:

The paramilitary Bassij Daneshjoui (Student Bassij Force) at Amir Kabir University threatened students with further expulsions. The website belonging to this suppressive organ wrote that “transgressors” should not show up for the entrance examinations for Masters Degrees. The website added, “Those who are pioneers in opposing the martyrs and the values created out of their blood and chant pro-Israeli slogans and advertise (so called) democracy are the spies of the United States and traitors against their own people. They defend the Monafeqin grouplet (Peoples’ Mojahedin of Iran) and commemorate and honor them inside universities,” thus, they should have no place in universities.

Last Saturday, agents of the Bassij Daneshjoui stabbed to death a student at Sabzevar University.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations and student unions to condemn the suppressive measures by the mullahs’ medieval regime against Iranian students.

Iran Press News has more on this brutal crackdown.

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