Shocking Report Implicates Syria in Gemayel's Assassination!

A shocking report from Kuwait says that Syrian reporters were calling Lebanese newspapers inquiring about Gemayel’s murder before his assassination took place!

Lebanese mourners carry the coffin of Lebanon’s Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel in Bekfaya, November 22, 2006. (George Abdallah/Reuters)

Ya Libnan reported this story earlier today:

Kuwaiti Newspaper Alseyassah has reported that a SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) editor has contacted a Lebanese pro-Syrian newspaper 55 minutes prior to the assassination of Lebanon’s minister Pierre Gemayel inquiring about details of his murder.

The call took place at 3:05 pm Beirut local time. Alseyassah did not name the Lebanese newspaper to protect its identity.

The Alseyassah added that the Lebanese newspaper was extremely surprised about SANA’s call which prompted the SANA reporter to call 10 minutes later and apologize for the original call.

Both PSP leader Walid Jumblatt and parliament majority leader Saad Hariri have accused Syria of being behind the murder in order to avoid the implementation of the UN tribunal for trying the murderers of former PM Hariri.

Social Affairs Minister Nayla Moawad also laid blame on Damascus for seeking to kill ministers to force the collapse of Siniora’s government.

Patricia Gemayel, wife of Lebanon’s Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, reacts as his coffin passes in a street in Bekfaya, Lebanon, November 22, 2006. (Mohamed Azakir/Reuters)


Also on Wednesday, yaLibnan reported… Former chief U.N. investigator Detlev Mehlis accused “pro-Syrian forces in Lebanon” of involvement with the assassination yesterday of Pierre Gemayel.

Atlas has video of Ambassador Bolton’s reaction to the assassination of Pierre Gemayel.

Amin Gemayel, the father of Pierre and former Lebanese President, said that Syria is probably behind the hit.

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