More Kerry "Jokes" and "Nutjob Attacks"

The mainstream media continued to cover for JFK today.
Here is my nutjob attack. I am very proud of it…

John Kerry apologized for his “joke” earlier today. But, Kerry must think that Americans are stupid. Get a load of his “apology”:

“I said it was a botched joke. Of course, I’m sorry about a botched joke. You think I love botched jokes? I mean, it’s pretty stupid.”

Sorry, John. That was no “joke”.

Also, earlier today, (Surprise!!) Max Cleland backed the senator’s right to a botched joke.


The democratic leader says he wants “his war of words” with the White House not to become a distraction in the final week before midterm elections.

Too late!

Here’s a real laugher that will be totally missed by the MSM.
Kerry in his attack yesterday on the rightwing nutjobs, claimed he “lived and breathed the concerns of our troops.”

But, the truth about Kerry’s concern for the troops took all of five minutes to nail down…

John Kerry’s democratic military voting record tells a different story:

* voted to gut intelligence spending by a cumulative $6 billion.
* voted to cut defense spending 38 times.
* voted to cut pay for military families 12 times.
* voted against the death penalty for terrorists.
* voted for the biggest tax increase in US history.
* voted against family-oriented tax relief like eliminating the death Tax
* voted against the Marriage Penalty Tax.
* However, Kerry actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.

The non-partisan National Journal has labeled him the Most Liberal Senator in Washington.

Remember: One man’s “joke” is another man’s gift gaffe.

Update: HotAir has this “Crie for Halp from IraK”:

Hang on! “Halp” is on its way.

Howard Dean chimes in.

Indepundit says Kerry’s apology is a non-apology.

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