Liveblogging the From Talent Campaign Headquarters

There is a lot of action here in St. Louis waiting on Jim Talent to take the stage at his rally at the Frontenac Hilton. Talent just introduced his family on stage and said he would be back later. Results are starting to come in.

Here is Missouri’s live results page.
At 9:20 PM Talent is leading 53-43!
(9:50) Talent ahead 51.5-45
** The St. Louis and Kansas City precincts have not been counted yet.
(10:20) Talent ahead 51-45 – 46% (1807 out of 3746 reporting)
(10:35) Talent ahead 51-45 – (1924 of 3746)
(11:10) Talent up 50.8 -45.6 – (2264 of 3746)
Brian says Talent may need 100,000 cushion to win before the city votes hit for McCaskill!

(11:30) The zombies are waking up… Talent up 50-46.1 (2446-3746) – In 2004 there were 2,7 million votes cast in the Missouri presidential election. We are currently at 1,350,000 counted.
(11:44) ARC calls the race – TALENT!
(12:26) Jasper County, a huge Republican stronghold, has precincts that have not reported. They had massive turnout today. In 2004 they gave Bush 20,000 over Kerry. Several voters were turned away there today because they ran out of votes!
(12:50) St. Louis county has votes left. Jefferson County (went 50-50 in 2004) has 50% reporting.
(1:30 AM) Talent concedes! McCaskill gives a victory speech across town. What a sad day for Republicans.
More bad news… Amendment 2, a horrible piece of legislation, passes by the same margin as the final senate counts.

Talent supporters and the media gets ready for the night.


Katie Favazza has numerous updates on the Missouri election.

Gateway Pundit, Todd and Brian Larkin from Another Rovian Conspiracy at the Talent Campaign Headquarters.

Jim Talent took the stage for the first time a few minutes ago…

Here is a wobbly video of his talk.

(9:00) Virginia Comonwealth has Allen up on Webb. That could set the tone for the night.

The Maryland senate race is too close to call!
Michelle Malkin has more on the Steele campaign.

Brian Larkin from ARC with Jamie Allman from 97.1 FM StL.

Another Rovian Conspiracy just made a major announcement concerning the Tessessee Senatorial race! They are really going out on a limb here. A brave move by ARC!

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