Harold Ford Jr. Gets Corkered

Here are the final Bob Corker ads that are running this weekend in Tennessee…

Harold Ford Jr., tough on terrorism?
Not hardly!

It probably doesn’t help Ford much that he has ads talking about the greatness of the 9-11 Commission when he voted against the commission’s recommendations.

Here’s another Corker ad that will run this weekend:
Harold Ford, Junior—and Senior — too close for comfort


And, this Corker ad is really nice. Bob Corker kinda grows on you.
Corker is Tennessee.

“Bob Corker is the RIGHT choice for Tennessee”

Corker is currently on top in the polls that are running. Senator Frist thinks it’s because the people of Tennessee are really starting to see the distinct differences between the two candidates.

And still, the best line from any candidate this year in any race came from Bob Corker when he was confronted in the parking lot by Harold Ford Jr.:

FORD: “I know you’re here to talk about my family. I thought you made a promise.”

CORKER: “No, I’m here to talk about you.”

Ouch! It still hurts!

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