Superstar Lineup Blasts the McCaskill-Amendment 2 "Fox"Ad

Kurt Warner, Jeff Suppan, and “Jesus”… Now that’s Missouri!

“Missouri Don’t Be Fooled”

Make no doubt about it… Former Rams quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner and…
Cardinal Ace pitcher Jeff Suppan are The Superstars in Missouri.

And, having “The Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel and Patricia Heaton from “Everybody Loves Raymond” in the cast makes this advertisement against Amendment 2 in Missouri a sure winner!

Response ad to the Claire McCaskill-Amendment 2 ad in Missouri:

Kurt Warner:

“Why does it cost 28 million dollars to convince Missourians that an amendment to the Constitution is good for them? Maybe because it’s not! Don’t be bought!”

Did you notice the ad does not even mention Jim Talent?

Let me give you one Missourians view on these Amendment 2 McCaskill ads…

You can’t help but feel sorry for Michael J. Fox in the ad he did for Claire McCaskill and Amendment 2 in Missouri. It’s a very strong request and really touches your heartstrings. There is talk that democrats are going to use this junk science to get the voters to the polls in November, and not just in Missouri, and not because there is any truth to their argument.

But, these assumptions are not correct.

In Missouri several religious leaders are against this amendment. This is not surprising as many see this as a Right to Life decision. Claire McCaskill has a very difficult time relating to these voters and to rural voters of Missouri. You just can’t run on a liberal platform in Missouri and expect to win. Claire has done her best to hide this from the voters. But, her constant ranting against Bush does not help her at all.

Like with Chavez, Missourians may disagree with President Bush but they don’t appreciate Claire constantly ranting on and on negatively about the president of the United States. Missourians also were not hip that Claire claimed Bush let poor blacks die on rooftops during Katrina and then stand by those words repeatedly until just recently. And, her bogus ad bashing the Missouri Veteran’s Administration was disgusting.

With Michael J. Fox, Claire had a real tearjerker. It is a very effective ad. And, the Talent campaign had to refute it. It is that powerful.

But, the McCaskill people did not intend to see this… a Kurt Warner ad!
Kurt Warner is possibly the most trusted celebrity in the state. Not only because he led the Super Bowl winning Rams team but because of his humble background and strong Christian faith.

The McCaskill Campaign did not expect to see him in an Anti-Amendment 2 ad.
This ad is also devastating because it makes it so clear that McCaskill is not in touch with the state. Michael J. Fox, who is suffering terribly, is not a Missourian, after all…

Kurt Warner, Jeff Suppan, and “Jesus”… now that’s Missouri!

This Anti-Amendment 2 ad is a Big Winner!

Update: Look for this commercial tonight in Game 4 of the World Series. Also, Jeff Suppan will be on the mound tonight hoping to score another win for the St. Louis Cardinals!
(Well, maybe tomorrow since tonight’s game was rain delayed.)

AJ Strata says that Fox lied in his ad.

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