Soros-Funded, American Family Voices, Behind Foleygate Calls

Besides the CREW groups links to the Foley scandal, Another George Soros-funded Leftist group, American Family Voices, began making automated robo-calls by Tuesday October 3, 2006, in critical must-win districts after the Foley scandal broke on Friday September 29, 2006.

The AFV website is running an online campaign demanding that Republican leaders step down because of the Foley scandal.

Free Republic reported:
Mike Lux is also the founder of Progressive Strategies LLC, the overall company behind this effort. Lux was also on the board of People for the American Way.

Byron York reported at National Review in 2002 on American Family Voices:

Previous efforts included former officials in the Clinton White House, veterans of liberal interest groups, sympathetic journalists, and some of the nation’s richest labor unions.

Lux, a former aide to President Clinton and former political director for the liberal interest group People for the American Way, says, “I was outraged at the idea that Bush was going to do a big speech and pound his chest and say he is in favor of corporate responsibility when he is closer to the corporate world than any president since Ronald Reagan. I started to think about the fox and the henhouse. I was talking to Joe Lockhart [the former Clinton press secretary who now runs an advertising agency in Washington], and he came up with the ad.”

The American Spectator ran this on American Family Voices earlier in the week explaining the close ties between the group and the democratic party:

The network funded by the likes of George Soros and the AFL-CIO and other labor unions is now funding automatic phone calls dealing with port security, the Dubai Ports World deal in particular. According to sources inside the DNC, the left-wing, labor-funded outfit, American Family Voices, which worked tirelessly to smear Republicans in the 2004 election cycle, is running the phone call operations in as many as 15 congressional districts held by Republicans in Pennsylvania and Ohio, among others.

While the DNC has no direct ties to the AFV, the group’s decision on which districts to run the phone calls was based on DNC polling data that revealed at-risk Republicans on national security issues.

The calls are making the rounds in several critical districts this election season including Speaker Hastert’s:

May Heiden didn’t like the sounds her answering machine was making earlier this week.

Her voice mail wasn’t broken; she just didn’t appreciate an organization identifying itself as American Family Voices telling her what to think about the unfolding congressional page scandal.

“Congressional Republican leaders, including Speaker Dennis Hastert, covered up for a child sexual predator,” the automated message said. “Congressman Mark Foley was shielded by Republican leaders for at least nine months after they knew Foley was trying to seduce a 16-year-old boy — a congressional page.”

The message went on to say that she should call Hastert and “demand that he stop the coverup” and then log on to to sign a petition, calling for Hastert and other Republican leaders to resign…

The American Family Voices message was part of a “robo-calling” effort in 50 Republican congressional districts with representatives who could influence the Republican leadership, Zachary said…

Hahn described the difference between the two calls as “on one hand you have an out-of-town organization trying to smear a man who has served our communities with integrity for many years. And on the other hand you had a set of calls trying to provide information and set the record straight.”

In other Foley news, the Purple Avenger has more from Florida.

And, radical gay activist Michael Rogers will out the next gay Republican on his list in the next 24 hours. He says this will bring down the Reublican Party at midterms.

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