Rightroots Final Push

Rightroots (http://www.abcpac.com/rightroots/) has been raising money for Republicans in key races all across the country. So far, with the help of the blogosphere, Rightroots has raised over $210,000.

Oct 15th is about the last day that contributions sent into Rightroots will have a chance to make an impact in this election cycle.

The Republican politicians that Rightroots is endorsing are going to remember that bloggers helped put them into office. The RNC not only paid close attention to this fund raising drive, they actually sent out an email urging people to contribute.


Make no mistake about it, the Rightroots effort is raising the profile of the whole right side of the blogosphere in DC. If you want to chip in a small amount like $5 or $10 to a candidate of your choosing or to all the candidates, that would be great. Today is the day!

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