Pelosi Says She Will Bring Civility After She Drains GOP Swamp

Nancy Pelosi promised to bring civility and integrity to the House when her party takes control:

Relishing the prospects of a triumph, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday promised to restore integrity and civility to the House if voters put her party in control this fall.

“We’ll turn the most closed and corrupt Congress into the most open and honest Congress,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told The Associated Press in an interview.

But first, Nancy Pelosi says she will “Drain the GOP Swamp” when she takes power in November:

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is thinking 100 hours, time enough, she says, to begin to “drain the swamp” after more than a decade of Republican rule.

As in the first 100 hours the House meets after Democrats — in her fondest wish — win control in the Nov. 7 midterm elections and Pelosi takes the gavel as the first Madam Speaker in history.

She also promised to roll back the Bush tax cuts.

This sort of dampens the democratic gains with the Libertarians.

The Anchoress has more on life with Speaker Pelosi.

Allah has the latest from “Speaker Pelosi.”

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