Meanwhile… Democratic Senate Campaigns Implode

In other news this week…

It was a rough one for three democrats running for US Senate.

Claire McCaskill’s name was dragged into a major voter fraud scandal caught on tape here is St. Louis this week!
But, -SHHHHHH- don’t tell the voters!… The St. Louis Post Dispatch is doing its best to make sure this does not make it inside its pages.

ACORN volunteers admit on tape that they are signing up voters and telling them to vote for Claire McCaskill!

But that’s not all…
Pubdef caught the incredible confessions by ACORN workers on tape at YouTube HERE
PubDef caught the scandal:

Ten-year ACORN veteran Josephine Perkins claims she was fired last week, in part because she informed the teams she supervised that it was inappropriate and illegal for them to campaign for McCaskill while being paid by ACORN and Give Missourians a Raise, the political action committee which supports Proposition B and, according to campaign finance reports, has given money to ACORN to circulate its literature.

That’s right the team was promoting the “Give Missourians a Raise” cause and Claire McCaskill which is clearly illegal. But the workers had to picket because they were getting stiffed the minumum wage that was owed them by the ACORN agency. Unreal!

Oh, and in other McCaskill news… two of her democratic volunteers were caught on tape HERE tearing down Jim Talent signs!

In Washington, nasty revelations about Senator Cantwell did not get much press but Sound Politics blog did some digging and were shocked with the documented insinuations they found against Senator Maria Cantwell.
According to Sound Politics:

The Seattle Times has recently reported on the close ties between Sen. Maria Cantwell and former boyfriend, boss and campaign consultant, lobbyist Ron Dotzauer. Begging explanation is a $15,000-$50,000 personal loan to Dotzauer reported in Cantwell’s financial disclosures since 2001. (See Times articles here, here and here).

The loan was apparently extended to help Dotzauer (Pictured at left with Cantwell) through messy divorce litigation. The Times didn’t mention that the court file, oddly, was entirely sealed. I had the file unsealed last Thursday. Cantwell is identified as the “other woman”.

Ron Dotzauer’s brief marriage to Angela appeared to be tempestuous. The record shows at least two separations and mutual accusations of excessive drinking and minor physical abuse (their marriage counselor indicated in testimony that neither the drinking nor the abuse was as significant as the accusations suggested). Dotzauer first filed for divorce after 13 months of marriage when their daughter was 1 month old. They reconciled and he filed again a few years later. The wrangling over parenting and financial support went on for 10 years, during which period Dotzauer was cited for contempt (by my count) on 4 occasions, and jailed once, for failure to pay his obligations to his ex-wife and their daughter. Cantwell reportedly loaned him the money in 1999, when Dotzauer was under serious financial pressure from the litigation.

It was in some sense only fair, as the court file shows that Cantwell contributed to the failure of the marriage. Angela stated in an affidavit that “an affair that [Ron] had with another woman a week prior to our wedding” had “caused problems with my relationship with my husband”. The deposition of marriage counselor Dr. Early recounted Dotzauer’s admission of the affair. Early identified the other woman as “a former lady friend” of Dotzauer’s named “Maria”, who also had a professional relationship with Dotzauer’s company. Early declined to mention Maria’s last name, but sources familiar with the events confirmed to me that it was indeed Maria Cantwell.

Then there was Harold Ford Jr. from Tennessee who was caught impersonating a lawyer.

Senate candidate from Tennessee Harold Ford Jr. was caught in a misrepresentation this week. Harold Ford Jr. passed himself off as a lawyer even though he never passed the bar exam. Apparently, it is not the first time that harold Ford Jr. has pulled this trick as you can see for yourself HERE and HERE.

This is what the Chattanooga Times had to say:

Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Harold Ford Jr. referred to himself as a lawyer earlier this week, but the congressman has not passed the bar exam.

Michael Powell, senior adviser to the Ford campaign, said U.S. Rep. Ford took the Tennessee bar exam in February 1997 and failed. He said that was the only time Rep. Ford has taken the test.

“I told Senator (Lamar) Alexander, I said, ‘I won’t hold it against you if I’m elected, and there’s two lawyers in the delegation who try their hardest to work through the issues,” Rep. Ford said.

Corker campaign spokesman Todd Womack said, “If Congressman Ford will stretch the truth about his own resume, what else will he stretch the truth about?” Mr. Powell said it is his understanding that Rep. Ford was joking when he made reference to being a lawyer during Tuesday’s meeting.

“He has never held himself out as a lawyer,” Mr. Powell said.

Obviously, Mr. Powell, senior adviser to the Ford campaign, has a problem with the truth as well.

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