Iraqis Enraged By Lancet Study

It’s no surprise that Iraqis are furious over the latest fraudulent claims by peer-reviewed Lancet Study out of John Hopkins University.

It should be noted that Iraqis strongly deny the Lancet report:

The following is a translation of a headline and article from the Iraq’s Sotaliraq on Oct 12, by Haider Ajina:

Iraqi Government refutes 650 thousand deaths since fall of Saddam
By Kauther Abdul-Amir.

Dr. Ali Al-Dabagh spokesperson for the Iraqi Government refuted the health (accuracy) of the survey published lately showing that 650 thousand Iraqi killed since the fall of the former regime, and described it as inaccurate. Al-Dabagh said in a press conference he held today, “We are sorry that John Hopkins published such a survey. This survey is inaccurate, outlandish, exaggerated and unbelievable.”

Omar at Iraq the Model was furious:

Iraq the Model has this review of the bogus study:

Among the things I cannot accept is exploiting the suffering of people to make gains that are not the least related to easing the suffering of those people. I’m talking here about those researchers who used the transparency and open doors of the new Iraq to come and count the drops of blood we shed.

Human flesh is abundant and all they have to do is call this hospital or that office to get the count of casualties, even more they can knock on doors and ask us one by one and we would answer because we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

We believe in what we’re struggling for and we are proud of our sacrifices.

I wonder if that research team was willing to go to North Korea or Libya and I think they wouldn’t have the guts to dare ask Saddam to let them in and investigate deaths under his regime.

No, they would’ve shit their pants the moment they set foot in Iraq and they would find themselves surrounded by the Mukhabarat men counting their breaths. However, maybe they would have the chance to receive a gift from the tyrant in exchange for painting a rosy picture about his rule.

Even the strange Leftist Zeyad at Healing Iraq had to distance himself from the report:

Simply put, the methods used by the study are valid, but in Iraq’s case, where the level of violence is not consistent throughout the country, I feel that the study should have been done differently. 654,965 excess civilian deaths is an absurd number. My personal guesstimate would be half that number, but the total count is not the point now.

Why John Hopkins allows their good name to be associated with this faulty scientific study is beyond comprehension.

Here is a “New Hole” in the despicable report.

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