Harold Ford Jr. Comes "Un-Corkered"

No blows in this sparring match yesterday in Tennessee, but is was almost as good as Santorum’s thrashing of Casey…

FORD: “I know you’re here to talk about my family. I thought you made a promise.”

CORKER: “No, I’m here to talk about you.”

FORD: *Gulp*… (OK… I’ll just be getting back on my bus then.)

Corker just took the wind out of Harold Ford Jr.’s bus tires… Ouch!

Who’s is Harold Ford Jr. listening to, anyway?
Check out this weird confrontation with Bob Corker in Tennessee…

It looked desperate, and weird.
Supposedly, Memphis 5WMCTV devoted nearly 5 minutes to the story at the top of the newscast last night, in what some are calling a campaign-ending mistake on Ford’s part.
Yep, it does.


First… Ford put out an ad talking big on defense when a quick look at his voting record tells a much different story.
Then… There were those times where Harold is caught on tape calling himself a lawyer.
Now… This awkward nosedive on the parking lot cememt.
That’s a nine count… It’s over.

And, bless his little sweet heart. If Glenn Reynolds were sitting here in Missouri tonight I’d pinch his little cheeks.

The Instapundit votes Corker.

Powerline points out another devastating Corker ad.

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