Grandma Fruitcake Update- Lynn Stewart Begs Court for Mercy

Lynn Stewart, the crazy 67 year old grandma and terror supporter, who said she would do it all over again, is scheduled to be sentenced today to as much as 30 years in prison.
Via Lucianne and The New York Sun:

A psychiatric report submitted to the federal judge in Manhattan who will decide the sentence, John Koeltl, claims that several emotional events in Stewart’s life suggest her actions were motivated by “human factors of her client and his situation” and not by politics, according to portions of the psychiatric report.

The psychiatrist, Steven Teich, points to 11 emotional events that he claims prompted her to want to take action on Abdel Rahman’s behalf, Stewart’s attorneys say. Among the events that make Dr.Teich’s list are her experiences seeing Abdel Rahman incarcerated and the 1995 suicide of a drug defendant named Dominick Maldonado, whom Stewart had once represented.

“Ms. Stewart’s commitment to the protection of her client, the Sheik, in prison was magnified by emotions from her perceived failure to protect her former client Mr. Maldonado, which had, consequently, resulted in his death by suicide,” Mr. Teich wrote.

While the evaluation by Dr. Teich is filed under seal, Stewart’s attorneys quote portions of it at length in public legal papers.

Stewart’s behavior was “emotionally based and sometimes impulsive” and her mental state while representing Abdel Rahman “immobilized her critical ability to evaluate the potential consequences of her actions,” according to the psychiatric report.

“Finally, and this was fully revealed to me in my discussions post-trial with Dr. Teich, if I have a tragic flaw it is that I care too much for my clients,” Stewart wrote.”I am soft-hearted to the point of self-abnegation. When one reaches out to another human being, even a hated and despised defendant, the client is grateful, the lawyer is fulfilled and an emotional mutuality arises.”

Since being indicted four years ago, Stewart had defended her actions.

“I would do it again— it’s the way a lawyer is supposed to behave.” Stewart told reporters the day of her conviction, the Washington Post reported.

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Grandma got a wrist slap; her cohort- not so lucky.


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