German Elites Do Their Part to Help Democrats

No one does it better than Der Spiegel…

Power and Lies: George W. Bush and the
Lost War in Iraq


SPIEGEL ONLINE wants us to believe that Bob Woodward is a courageous journalistic hero who stood up to a hostile government to tell the truth. He isn’t and he didn’t. If anyone is a true hero, it is Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. She was brutally ambushed and murdered in an elevator in her apartment block in what appears to be a contract killing. Ms. Politkovskaya dared to report on the horrors of Chechnya, an atrocity-filled conflict largely conspicuously ignored by the German media and the professional protesters of the Angry Left. This in a Russia where government-skeptical journalists have an uncanny habit of ending up unemployed and dead. Don’t expect to see any sensational covers on that any time soon. It just doesn’t sell any copy…

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