Excuse Me… But, Did McCaskill Just Classify Clinton a Perv?

How did this get missed yesterday on “Meet the Press”?

Yesterday, October 8, 2006, on Meet the Press Claire McCaskill gets honest about Bill Clinton:

Tim Russert: “You had Bill Clinton come in and raise money for you, do you think Bill Clinton is a great President?

Claire McCaskill: “I do. I have a lot of problems with some of his personal issues. I said at the time, I think he’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.

The Real Clinton legacy.
Poor Bill, he even wen and campaigned for Claire and that’s the thanks he gets?


I wonder if she was talking about her 25 year old daughter, Marilyn, or her 16 year old daughter, Maddie?

James Taranto caught the shameful attack on Bill Clinton.

Apparently, McCaskill muffed badly on her history as well.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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