Democratic Foleygate Source Revealed

Update: Harper’s Magazine was offered the story five months ago by a democratic operative!! (more below)

Just received this information this morning…

A democratic operative who knew about the Foley scandal designed to alter this year’s midterm election was revealed to me this morning. At least, that is what one reporter believes.


This much was revealed- “There is very strong speculation that Brian Smoot is one of the high ranking democrats who knew of the Foley scandal months before the news broke on September 29, 2006.”

Erick at RedState actually wrote this about Brian Smoot back on October 3, 2006:

Let’s follow this chain of events, which may be coincidental and may not be coincidental:

In August of 2004, Rodney Alexander’s Chief of Staff, Brian Smoot, and five other staffers abruptly quit because Alexander switched to the GOP. National Journal reported on August 13, 2004, that the Chief of Staff “sharply criticized Alexander for switching parties.” The Chief of Staff and five staffers were promptly hired by minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

In November 2005, Alexander is notified by a couple in his district that the couple’s son had gotten emails from Mark Foley that were not really kosher.

In October of 2006, we find that Alexander’s former Chief of Staff is now running the congressional campaign of Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District against Republican Representative Clay Shaw — a district that shares a major media market with Mark Foley’s district.

Smoot has had this to say on his involvement with the scandal:

Smoot is currently working as campaign manager for Democrat Ron Klein’s bid to unseat GOP Rep. Clay Shaw in Florida’s 22nd District. Shaw’s district neighbors Foley’s former 16th District. . . . When contacted, Smoot said while there is no love lost between Alexander and himself, he never worked for Pelosi and he only learned about the Foley matter from media reports. “I would be the last person to have any idea of what is going on in Alexander’s office,” said Smoot. “I had no idea about e-mails or ideas about this page and am absolutely not involved in this situation whatsoever. I also never worked for Pelosi nor have I ever worked for the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] or Democratic Party.”

More at RedState.

Smoot left Alexander’s office the week after the representative switched parties from Democrat to Republican back in 2004. He signed on to work with Democrat Virginia Schrader‘s campaign the week after Alexander made his announcement.

It was revealed that Smoot has known about the Foley documents for quite some time.

The FBI is going to interview former page Jordan Edmund tomorrow concerning his knowledge about former congressman Mark Foley. Wild Bill at Passionate America first revealed Edmond as one of the former pages involved with the scandal.

The Strata Sphere has more on liberal smear campaign and the latest “outings” this morning.
(BTW- Did you notice that Rogers wrote his article at “PageOneQ” in the third person this morning?)

Macsmind has updates.

Update: Via Free Republic, From Harper’s Magazine:

Harper’s was offered the story almost five months ago and decided, after much debate, not to run it here on Washington Babylon.

Last May, a source put me in touch with a Democratic operative who provided me with the now-infamous emails that Foley had sent in 2004 to a sixteen-year-old page. He also provided several emails that the page sent to the office of Congressman Rodney Alexander, a Louisiana Republican who had sponsored him when he worked on Capitol Hill. “Maybe it is just me being paranoid, but seriously, This freaked me out,” the page wrote in one email. In the fall of 2005, my source had provided the same material to the St. Petersburg Times—and I presume to The Miami Herald—both which decided against publishing stories.

It was a Democrat who brought me the emails…

As AJ Strata says:

Clearly the effort was not to protect the kids in the Page program, or just coming out of the program this summer, but to use their exposure to a sexual predator as partisan scandal for electorial gains. Pathetic.

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The Opinion Journal has more hopeful news for Republicans.
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