British Veiled Teacher Unmasked!

The Coalition of the Swilling is all over this story.

Aishah Azmi was hired on as a teacher at Headfield C & E in Great Britain.
After being hired she refused to remove her veil at work. She was later suspended.
This, of course, brought about cries of Islamophobia, threats, etc.

So, Aishah goes on TV to tell her story…
Aishah Azmi gets a little flustered during her interview with the BBC. It obviously wasn’t the fluff interview that she might have expected considering the BBC’s reputation.
(2:02 minutes)

It looks like Aishah was not quite honest with the school when she interviewed for the job!


Also, Tony Blair stepped into the “British Veil Row” calling it a “mark of separation” today.

The Coaltion of the Swilling has more on this developing story.

And… Left-wing Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi jumped in the veil row on Tuesday saying that Muslims should not ‘hide’ behind veil.

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